VinaPlace website is open for Vietnam Real Estate Market

We kindly announce that today, 15 January 2013,  WWW.VINAPLACE.VN website was officially activated after 2 months running in beta mode.

VinaPlace's official website

VinaPlace’s official website

With this new achieved milestone, VinaPlace has become one of potential online marketing agencies for real estate. We are all striving to maximize our efficiency, to help customers with success and increasing profit in future. With more than 400 property ads that are already available on, users and customers can have a very simple search of featured houses, apartments, lands and projects. Moreover, our ads include rich information of property and many images as well. This is how we serve users who are in need of looking for properties.

We also focus on Marketing strategies and activities for our customers who are real estate companies and agencies. VinaPlace will be a supportive partner and do our best to help your business with impressive growth. Thanks for all the current support from our beloved customers, we really appreciate that. And finally, it will be our honor to have more chance to co-operate with other companies in the market as well.



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