3 steps to get more views to your real estate?

Hello real estate owners!

With these 3 easy steps you can help your property to get more property views and potential customers from online.

Step 1

Find good and well know web portal to advertise your property. Listing site who can provide more details about your property is better.

Step 2

On property listing site, use on property heading most known key words. If you selling apartment you could use titles like this: “3 bedroom apartment for sale” or if you rent a house you could use “4 bedroom house for rent“.

Step 3

Use always good quality photos, but be honest – use only photos from your property. Clean up your house before you take pictures. Loose magazines from living room, clean up bathroom. Take at least 2 photos outside and show some unique details of your house and at least 2 pictures from other rooms. Your smartphone makes good event photos, but use professional equipment or service to do the photos.

See how its done on www.vinaplace.vn


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